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Is your company living up to its potential for quality? Can you deliver quality products on time, again and again? A Quality Assurance (QA) Assessment from ACULIS will set you on the road to a creating a repeatable quality process and a method for continous improvement.

An objective evaluation of your entire software development life cycle, a Quality Assessment, provides your team with a road map for success. We'll examine your company's strategy, culture, organization, and quality processes from our unique perspective. The results will give you the edge you need to improve product quality and maximize your QA dollar.

  • 3 Day QA Assessment / Final Findings Report
  • 5 Day QA Assessment / Final Findings Report
  • Final Findings Implementation and Consulting
  • Software Architecture Assessment

3 Day QA Assessment / Final Findings Report
This process is ideal for small companies that do not currently have a QA Team in place, or that have a small core IT group (1 to 2 Testers). ACULIS will run through a small sampling of interviews with our survey, gather the information and make a list of action items to improve your QA process.

5 Day QA Assessment / Final Findings Report
A more advanced assessment, ACULIS will interview up to 20+ employees related to the QA process. Results are compiled, analyzed and presented in a Process Improvement Plan (PIP). Your final report is delivered electronically and in a formal presentation. Reporting is fact and data-based and is followed by our professional opinions.

Final Findings Implementation and Consulting
ACULIS will directly manage implementing the items presented in PIP.

Software Architecture Assessment
A formal assessment using three architects who review code, design docs, and requirements.  The information gathered is compiled into an architecture report that recommends architecture and design changes.

Your Assessment will be performed by our consultants— industry gurus with years of experience in managing software engineering and QA teams. They know first hand what works and what doesn't, and they are dedicated to your success.

Laying the Groundwork
First, you'll want to let your employees know who we are and what we're doing by sending out a company-wide letter. We'll conduct a kickoff meeting for management staff so they know what to expect. Together, we'll establish the "rules of engagement" and the primary areas of focus.

Next, we'll launch into a thorough review of your existing documentation, processes, specifications, etc., and also review your organizational structure.

The Personal Touch
We'll interview employees from a cross-section of the corporation, in addition to the complete management team, to determine how policies and processes are understood and implemented. All employees selected for interviews can expect confidentiality, trust and respect from us. As interviews proceed, we'll provide preliminary feedback via daily debriefs so you can start improving quality right away.

Pulling It All Together
Next, we digest the data, correlate it, prioritize the results and provide guidance based on our analysis. The goal in this phase is to determine where the existing balance between strategy, process and culture lies.

The Moment of Truth
Your final report is delivered electronically and in a formal presentation. Reporting is fact and data-based and is followed by our professional opinions. We'll suggest an action plan focused on creating a successful implementation and identify primary areas of focus that will provide the biggest impact.

“You're scripts deployed in one-third the time; your code was clearer, more concise, and will be easier to maintain; you followed all the instructions, requiring very little input from us, and the scripts were free of all runtime errors. Thanks for doing such a great job!”
— HenrySchein / Dentrix

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